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Save More-  Seal The Floor!


Just Think ...

You could save thousands in property damage with just one fix. FINALLY!

The solution to a fatal flaw that no other toilet flange has resolved. UNTIL NOW!


Culwell Flange

Introducing the world’s only


                                       takes the property and the people 

into account … not just the plumbing!


Premium flange

Prevents leaks

under and

around toilet

Prevents black mold, fungus, and mildew below toilet 

Ideal for Wet Rooms

and Small Spaces

Supports Bariatric

& Heavy

Weight Transfers

Installations with or without a water-barrier membrane


When flange is recessed below finished floor

Ideal Applications



Premium Choice - the way toilet flanges should be designed - With it's sealing surface design and the superior strength of it's one-of-a-kind Nylon Ring, why use any other toilet flange? 

Ideal for tile - use with or without a water barrier membrane or when flange  is recessed below the finished floor

Concrete Subfloor - flat surface design prevents eroding under the flange, which causes uneven subfloor & flange to break


Pier and Multi-floor Structures - Protects subfloors and ceilings below from costly water damage.


Mobile Homes - a leaks onto a contiguous wood subfloor can have a rippling effect throughout the entire home. It is not uncommon for an entire home subfloor to be replaced.

Bariatric|Disability      - Culwell Flange’s nylon clamping ring has superior strength for heavy weight transfers - preventing a leading cause in broken flanges. No need for replacement ring.  (If an ADA toilet is installed then shouldn't your flange meet the weight standards of ADA?)


American Wet Room - no longer restricted to a wall mounted toilet, wet rooms are now made possible when the sanitary pipe connects through the floor

Small Spa
ces - Culwell Flange is the solution to achieve an inclusive design in a small space - by creating a wet room and installing a toilet
in a barrier-free shower area.  

Addresses 3 fast growing movements today: 

Inclusive Design | Age In Place | Tiny Homes

Install Options


EXISTING TILE WITHOUT MEMBRANE recessed below finished floor


Ideal for Tile Applications


* Vinyl flooring is an option, however, Culwell Flange sits approximately 1/8" higher than standard flanges with a stainless steel ring. Newer toilets appear to have a lower base profile, creating a common challenge in the industry, requiring the need for toilet shims (to lift the toilet) when the flange is installed over a finished floor.

Culwell Flange installation using vinyl floor (30-100 mil thick) as a impermeable membrane presents no difference in height as a flange installed on top of a finished floor. Therefore, depending on your toilet design/model, you may be required to use toilet shims.

                              is the Solution:

When the wax ring fails    When the toilet overflows
When the tub spills over    When the flange breaks







The Institute for Business and Home Safety reports residential insurance payments by toilet seal/flange failures range from $586 – $2,697 per claim.

Culwell Flange patented design was engineered to prevent surface leaks under and around the toilet, water damage, and costly repairs that the traditional flanges failed to protect against. Every flange is designed to anchor the toilet to the floor and seal to the sanitary pipe. Toilet flanges were never designed to seal to the floor...UNTIL NOW! 





Culwell Flange seals the floor with it's flat surface design and to the toilet.

Traditional Flange

Standard flange does NOT seal to the floor -  only to the toilet with a wax ring


The Only One

of Its Kind


The Culwell Flange creates an impermeable water-tight seal, preventing water leakage into the subfloor, thus saving property owners and managers hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in time and repairs over the life of the property.


CLICK HERE to see the installation demo. 




Why Culwell  Flange?




Seals to the sanitary pipe, seals to the toilet with a wax ring (or alternative), and anchors the toilet to the floor.


Flat sealing surface that sits flush and seals to the floor, preventing leaks and water damage to the subfloor - used with or without a water barrier membrane.

Prevents leaks under & around the toilet when the wax ring fails, toilet overflows, or tub/shower spills over.


Prevents black mold, fungus, and mildew that can grow on or below the toilet after a leak.

Clamping ring compresses a sealing gasket against a floor membrane to create a water-tight seal - threads on 'clockwise' & screws attach it to the floor (8 screw holes)

Closet bolts are kept in place by clamping ring and elastomeric sealing gasket (s) for ease of toilet installation.


Blue nylon ring for added strength, durability and corrosion resistance preventing the need for future repair or replacement (withstands over 1000 lb).

Set a Standard* in achieving a wet room with a floor mounted toilet where the sanitary pipe connects through the floor.

PEACE OF MIND! Reduces worries of mold, and rotting floor hiding under the toilet that can lead to unforeseen expenses.









*This product inspired the creation of a new standard, IAPMO IGC 285, published by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).


4 x 3 in. HUB

4 in. HUB




3 in. Compression O-ring

4 in. Compression Drop-Fit

Property Owners & Managers

Property Owners

The cost, liability, and headaches associated with never-ending repairs caused by water leakage around the toilet into the sub-flooring can be prevented.


Culwell Flange takes the property and the people into account, not just the plumbing.

Culwell Flange is the Solution

  • Withstands over 500lb pullout force per closet bolt (that's over 1000 lbs).

  • Solution to upstairs bathrooms preventing water leakage into ceiling below

  • Used on wood and concrete floors

  • Only closet flange setting the standard for wetroom applications.

  • Never buy another replacement ring again! The patented Culwell Flange blue nylon clamping ring adds superior strength and durability

Architects & Engineers


Specify what’s best for your clients: 

Introducing a ‘new’ standard in closet flanges.

 As an architect or plumbing engineer, your clients rely on you to deliver solid design and practical applications. The quality of the finished product says a lot about the quality of your design.


Fix it and Forget it with the Culwell Flange

  • Design to the ‘new’ standard — this product set the standard currently used to address property management leaks and repairs caused by water damage*.

  • Increase value to your clients — no leaks, no repairs, no water damage for your clients.

  • Decrease exposure to liability — prevent reoccurring leaks and damage the sub-floor, spec it right the first time.

  • The water-seal solution — ideal for wet room applications, floor-mounted toilets and designing to emerging healthcare industry standards which address bariatric consumer needs.



Retailers & Dealers


Maximize your Sales Opportunities

  • Culwell Flange is a premium product - individual boxed package with closet bolts and instructions.

  • Merchandise in multiple areas within your retail store:

    • Flooring 

    • Plumbing- pipes and fittings

    • Plumbing repair

    • Toilets and Bathroom Fixtures

    • Mobile home repair parts

    • Water barrier liners (PVC Shower liners)

    • Shower pans and Shower drains

          "Why stop at the shower? Turn your small bathroom into            a wetroom by sealing the entire floor, utilizing the                        Culwell Flange with your toilet."

Sales Support

  • Demonstration Video Library

  • Retail Signage

  • Quarter Pallet Display

  • Laminated Hanging Buyers Guide

  • Culwell Flange Sample for display










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