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The birth of an idea

What started as a concept for a single toilet has spread to bathrooms around the country.

Culwell Flange was co-founded by a Certified Master Plumber and a Registered Nurse. It started when designing an accessible bathroom for a lady in a wheelchair. Knocking down walls to expand the size of her 5x7.5 foot bathroom would have been a costly and nearly impossible task with limited resources. In order for the woman to be able to enjoy her bathroom another solution needed to be found.

Thinking outside the box to improve life for those with disabilities.

Natalie Noack owner and CEO explains, “My business partner, Culwell, had an idea to open up the existing space by removing the tub and creating a wet room- a toilet and barrier-free shower confined in a small wet area, just like the Europeans adopted years ago. They can achieve this because their sanitary pipe outlet is through the wall, unlike the typical American style toilet where the flange attaches to the sanitary pipe through the floor opening."

An act of kindness changed a standard toilet piece forever.

"Because toilet flanges were never designed to seal and protect the subfloor from water, we had to invent one that does.” This resulted in a toilet flange that would help make wet rooms possible, as well as protect homes from water damage and black mold. Natalie concludes, “Who would have thought that by helping people with disabilities our company would revolutionize the status quo flange?”

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