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A New Standard in Toilet Flanges- Watertight & Floor Protecting

Culwell Flange is the solution to a fatal design flaw that no other toilet flange has ever resolved.

Every toilet flange is designed to anchor the toilet to the floor and seal to the sanitary pipe, however, toilet flanges were never designed to seal to the floor, until now. Culwell Flange prevents leaks under and around the toilet when the wax ring fails, toilet overflows or bathroom floods. This product creates an impermeable watertight seal preventing water leakage into the subfloor, thus saving property owners and managers thousands of dollars in time and repairs over the lifetime of the property. PROUDLY MADE IN USA.

Why Culwell Flange?

This revolutionary product is the only patented and third-party certified toilet flange that is engineered to provide a complete watertight (or impermeable) seal to floor. When waterproofing the bathroom floor, the Culwell Flange is designed to compress a floor-covering membrane and the floor-sealing gasket with it’s blue clamping ring – setting a new standard.

Culwell Flange outperforms the traditional toilet flange, even when used without a floor-covering membrane. It is the premium solution to the everyday standard flange for residential, commercial, new installs and repairs. Its flat sealing surface sits flush and seals to the floor up to where the flange connects to the sanitary pipe, leaving no subfloor exposed under the flange for added seal protection.

The one-of-a-kind clamping ring provides unique benefits. Its superior strength and durability prevents the need for future repairs or replacement, compared to the standard PVC and ABC plastic flanges that can easily break. Culwell Flange can withstands over 1000lbf of combined pull tensile load applied to both closet bolts. Eight (8) countersunk screw holes are provided to anchor the toilet to the floor. When the screws are engaged, the sealing gasket lifts up into the screw holes creating a watertight seal. The ring keeps the closet bolts held upright for easy toilet installation.

Ideal Applications

  • Premium Choice: The way toilet flanges should be designed- reason architects & engineers are specifying

  • Idea for Tile Applications: Use with or without a water barrier membrane and when the flange is recessed below the finished floor

  • Pier and Multi-floor Structures: Protects the subfloor and ceiling below from costly water damage and mold

  • Concrete Subfloor: Prevents eroding directly under the flange, causing flange to break; Concrete contains lime that will erode with time when exposed to harsh chemicals and moisture.

  • Mobile Homes: Stops leaks into a contiguous wood subfloor that can have a rippling effect throughout the entire home.

  • Bariatric | Disability: Culwell Flange is built to withstand the requirements for heavy weight transfers and ADA applications (a leading cause of broken flanges).

  • Wet Rooms | Small Spaces: No longer restricted to a wall mounted toilet, wet rooms are now made possible. Inclusive designs and tiny homes are growing trends in America today for wet rooms. Also check out the video for accessible small space bathrooms under “Wet Room System”

Tested and Certified

Culwell Flange inspired the creation of the plumbing standard, IAPMO IGC 285, published by International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). Various models have been tested and are certified for compliance with the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC®), National Plumbing Code of Canada, and International Plumbing Code (IPC).

For complete product line, information and videos, visit | 855.285.9355

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